Cases - Defense Verdict for Emergency Room Physician in Stroke Case

Defense Verdict for Emergency Room Physician in Stroke Case

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Gary Lovell and Kristen Thompson defended a physician who was accused of medical malpractice in his treatment of Plaintiff in the emergency room. During the trial, Plaintiffs argued the defendant doctor failed to recognize the signs and symptoms of an ischemic stroke and administer tPA (tissue plasminogen activator) accordingly.  Gary and Kristen presented evidence through medical fact witnesses and expert testimony that this patient’s symptoms were inconsistent with a stroke, and the emergency room physician’s work up of altered mental status was appropriate. They further presented evidence that this patient was ineligible for tPA administration as she did not meet strict inclusion and exclusion criteria under the American Heart Association’s Stroke Guidelines for tPA Administration. Gary and Kristen  also offered expert testimony on the questionable effectiveness of tPA in stroke patients as evidenced in the medical literature. The jury agreed with the defense and returned a unanimous verdict in favor of the physician in less than 40 minutes.

Attorneys Involved
D. Gary Lovell, Jr.
Kristen K. Thompson

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