Cases - Defense Verdict for a Surveying Company in South Carolina

Defense Verdict for a Surveying Company in South Carolina

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Partner Chip Emge obtained a defense verdict for a surveying company on March 7, 2012 in Charleston County, South Carolina. The surveyor was hired by the Plaintiff developer as part of the due diligence process for the purchase of a piece of commercial property. Unbeknownst to the surveyor, the seller had represented to the Plaintiff that the property was free of wetlands. The survey plat provided to the Plaintiff stated that it did not and was not intended to identify wetlands. When wetlands were subsequently discovered, the Plaintiff sued the surveyor claiming that the failure to locate wetlands was a breach of their contract and negligent. The Plaintiff sought in excess of $1 million in damages. The jury found in favor of the surveyor holding that the Plaintiff knew or should have known that the survey did not identify wetlands at the time it was provided to him but did not pursue its claims until after the statute of limitations had run.

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N. Keith Emge, Jr.

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