Cases - Defense Verdict for Surgeon in Wrongful Death Case

Defense Verdict for Surgeon in Wrongful Death Case

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Partners Tom Carlock and Eric Frisch obtained a defense verdict in Floyd County Superior Court in a wrongful death case against a vascular surgeon. The case involved a 64 year old male who suffered from a vascular occlusion of the lower leg. He underwent a peripheral vascular procedure, which the doctor had to stop because he could not clear the blockage. After removing the catheter, the doctor attempted to close the insertion site with a Star Closure device without success. The patient was on heparin, so the doctor gave Protamine to reverse the effects. The patient suffered a reaction to Protamine and arrested.  The patient was revived, but suffered an anoxic brain injury.  Plaintiff alleged that the patient was at an elevated risk for the reaction, that the doctor should not have given Protamine, and that there was a failure to intervene in a timely manner.

Attorneys Involved
Thomas S. Carlock
Eric J. Frisch

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