Cases - Jury Verdict for Defense in C-section Case

Jury Verdict for Defense in C-section Case

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Gary Lovell and Jeff Crudup recently obtained a jury verdict on behalf of their obstetrician clients in Lexington County State Court. The case arose when a baby sustained lacerations on her cheek during a Caesarian section birth. The lacerations left several visible scars. Plaintiffs sued the practice group and physician alleging that the obstetrician made improper cuts into the uterine wall which led to the lacerations. At trial, Gary and Jeff successfully argued that the obstetrician performed the procedure within the standard of care and lacerations to babies’ cheeks are a known and accepted complication of Caesarian births. After deliberating for three hours, the 12-person jury returned a defense verdict.

Attorneys Involved
D. Gary Lovell, Jr.
Jeffrey M. Crudup

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