Cases - Summary Judgment Shoots Down Class Action Against Law Firm

Summary Judgment Shoots Down Class Action Against Law Firm

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John Rogers and Joe Kingma obtained summary judgment in a putative class action suit against a law firm in the Southern District of Georgia. The plaintiffs were referred to the law firm by a chiropractor after a 2005 car accident. The firm handled plaintiffs’ personal injury claims and settled on their behalf. Plaintiffs filed a class action alleging professional negligence, fraud, and breach of fiduciary duty. They claimed the law firm wrongfully solicited them at the chiropractic clinic, engaged in a fee-sharing scheme with the clinic, and inadequately represented their interests. The allegations included the suggestion of an unholy alliance between the firm and the chiropractor against the clients’ interests. Judge Lisa Wood granted the firm’s motion for summary judgment on March 7, 2012, holding the plaintiffs could show no damage.

Attorneys Involved
John C. Rogers
Johannes S. Kingma

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