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Jennifer Guerra Played Defendant Lawyer in THEMIS Advocates Group Mock Mediation

April 20, 2017 / Location: Hilton Dallas Lincoln Center, 5410 LBJ Freeway, Dallas TX

Jennifer Guerra dusted off her theatre degree and put it to good use participating in the Themis Advocates Group Mock Mediation in Dallas on April 20th.

As part of a complex fact pattern presented live with a certified mediator to clients and counsel, Jennifer played the role of a lawyer who (allegedly!) publicly released plaintiff’s highly confidential medical information.

The audience followed along and asked questions as the mediator wove through the typical issues in a multi-party complex mediation including:

  • consent to settle insurance policies,
  • self-insured retentions,
  • multiple defendants who don’t agree as to the division of fault, and
  • unexpected information coming to light mid-mediation.

A clear takeaway from this exercise was that we all underutilize our mediators.  The more informed and prepared they are going into mediation day, the more productive it will be.

Consider meeting with your mediator well in advance to discuss any issues or concerns, share your side of the story, and give the mediator any key documents or pleadings you want them to review.  That front-end expense will no doubt pay off later.

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