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In The Daily Report: Comparative Negligence Case Highlights Tort Reform of Apportionment of Damages

March 27, 2014

Gary Lovell discusses how a comparative negligence case may result in a victory for the proponents of the tort reform apportionment of damages in the March 27, 2014 issue of The Daily Report.

Drunken Driver’s Parents Can Press Claim

A Georgia Court of Appeals panel this week issued a decision that favored the plaintiffs in the case at hand but could benefit defendants in the long run.

Tuesday’s decision was a win for the parents of Thomas “T.R.” Reed, who was driving drunk when he died in a metro Atlanta highway accident in 2008. A trial judge had ruled Reed’s negligence was so high that his parents couldn’t win a suit against the operator and owner of the illegally parked truck that Reed’s car hit, setting off a fire.

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