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5 Take Aways from Andy Countryman and Doug MacKelcan’s Recent Presentation at the Professional Liability Defense Federation’s Seventh Annual Meeting (PLDF) Presentation in Denver, Colorado

September 29, 2016

Andy Countryman and Doug MacKelcan presented “Is Your Lawyer Client Ready to Answer Questions?” at the Professional Liability Defense Federation (PLDF) Annual Meeting in Denver, CO on  September 29. This session discussed strategy, techniques and tactics involved in preparing lawyer clients for deposition in LPL cases. Attitude issues, Reptile Theory, Theme Development and other topics were also discussed in the context of mock examples.

5 Take Aways:

  • Your lawyer client’s deposition may be the most important event in the case pre-trial, and your planning for it needs to start as soon as you are assigned  the case.
  • When defending a lawyer, conduct your initial meeting in person to develop a rapport with the client, review the file with him/her, and begin evaluating the client’s effectiveness as a witness.
  • Have a plan for deposition preparation that may include multiple meetings, videotaping, and the creation of a real deposition environment to prepare your client for the real deposition.
  • Lawyers defending lawyers need to ensure their clients know their file and the applicable law of the underlying case or representation.
  • Be sure lawyer client is engaged in the process and understands the importance of thorough and focused deposition preparation.

Andy Countryman and Doug MacKelcan are partners in Carlock, Copeland & Stair, LLP’s Charleston, South Carolina office. They practice commercial litigation and general liability with a focus on professional liability.

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