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Sarah Wetmore presented Everybody is Looking for Coverage – The Additional Insured in the Construction Litigation Context at Carlock Copeland’s Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith Seminar – September 15 – Atlanta Botanical Garden

September 14, 2016

Sarah Wetmore presented Everybody is Looking for Coverage/The Additional Insured in the Construction Litigation Context at Carlock Copeland’s Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith Seminar to be held September 15 at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Additional insured status has become a predominant topic in construction litigation. It is becoming common for subcontractors to be presented with contracts that require them to name the general contractor (and/or developer, as the case may be) as an additional insured on their commercial general liability (CGL) policies. Likewise, general contractors (GC) are often required by the owner to add the owner as an additional insured for the project. At times, the GC requires its subcontractors to add both the GC and the owner as additional insureds. The interplay of these insuring requirements among the parties when they wind up at odds over a project becomes a significant issue during litigation. Controversy frequently arises in construction defect litigation with respect to interpreting the additional insured endorsements and the scope of coverage for an additional insured under the named insured’s policy.

Please click here for the presentation.

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