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The Reptile Revolution: Appeal to Juror’s Primitive Instincts

November 13, 2013

Gary Lovell, Carlock of Copeland & Stair LLP and Matthew G. Moffett of Gray, Rust, St. Amand, Moffett & Brieske, LLP presented “The Reptile Revolution: Appeal to Juror’s Primitive Instincts” at the Trucking Industry Defense Association Annual Seminar in Orland, Florida. This presentation involved a defensive counter-strategy to the latest “reptile” strategy of the plaintiff’s bar. As defense lawyers, do we really believe and agree with the “reptile” strategy; that jurors are disinterested in rendering justice and can only be motivated to do the right thing if they are first convinced that their very survival is at risk? As certain plaintiff’s lawyers seek to convince jurors to do supposed justice, how can we defense lawyers put on the necessary armor to defeat these assaulting “reptile” lawyers so that truth and justice prevails?

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