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Appellate Courts Confirm That Homeowner’s Policies Do Not Cover Auto Accidents

September 22, 2014

Fred Valz obtained a ruling from the Georgia Supreme Court, affirming the grant of summary judgment to Allstate in a case involving a question of coverage under a homeowner’s policy for the death of a teenage girl arising from an auto accident.  The plaintiffs/appellants attempted to argue that the exclusion should only apply when the vehicle belongs to or was being operated by an insured under the policy, but the trial court granted summary judgment to Allstate, finding that the policy unambiguously excluded coverage for damages arising from the use of any motor vehicle.  The Court of Appeals confirmed that homeowner’s policies clearly do not provide coverage for damages arising from the use of a motor vehicle, regardless of who owned or was operating the vehicle. Plaintiffs petitioned the Georgia Supreme Court for certiorari on the issue, but the court denied the petition and affirmed the lower courts’ rulings in favor of Allstate.

Sauls v. Allstate Prop. & Cas. Ins. Co., 326 Ga. App. 821, 757 S.E.2d 455 (2014), cert. denied Case No. S14C1093 (Sept. 22, 2014).

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