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Attorney Malpractice Defense Verdict/Trust and Estates

April 21, 2016

Joe Kingma got a defense verdict for a lawyer in the Fulton County State Court on Friday, July 25, 2008. Plaintiff claimed that he had hired the lawyer to assist him with guardianship issues and that the lawyer had also been instructed by the deceased to draft a will leaving him real estate. Plaintiff’s claims were bolstered by several independent witnesses who claimed that the lawyer had been engaged to represent Plaintiff and that the deceased had instructed the lawyer to so draft the will. Plaintiff claimed to have provided almost daily attendant care for the deceased. Joe was successful in discrediting the Plaintiff’s testimony as well as that of his “independent” witnesses. The jury believed the lawyer who testified that he did not represent the Plaintiff and that the deceased had never told him to draft a will to leave the Plaintiff anything.

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