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Favorable Settlement in Workers’ Compensation Case

March 23, 2009

Chris Whitlock handled a case for a major insurance client where the Claimant sustained a catastrophic back injury and a superadded psychological injury. The Claimant also had a pre-existing seizure disorder and, during a stay at mental health hospital, the Claimant fell and sustained a brain hemorrhage. Opposing counsel filed a hearing request with the State Board alleging a superadded head injury due to a slip and fall at the hospital. Chris was able to prove that the Claimant was not at the hospital due to psychological reasons, but due to unrelated substance abuse and that the claimant may have had a seizure which triggered his fall. Ultimately, he was able to settle this claim very reasonably to include a MSA cost projection analysis which did not anticipate future medical treatment for the Claimant’s brain injury.

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