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Favorable Trucking Verdict

March 7, 2008

Gary Lovell represented a commercial rail company and its driver (who failed to appear at trial) in the Southern District of Georgia, in a truck wreck case where the husband and wife Plaintiffs alleged that the Defendant driver was negligent in causing a catastrophic collision causing permanent, disfiguring and debilitating physical injuries to both. Plaintiffs also alleged that the commercial employer was negligent in hiring, retaining and supervising its driver. Plaintiffs sought punitive damages against both Defendants. Plaintiffs had medical specials of approximately $1.3 million. There were no pre-existing conditions before the accident other than hypertension and prior cervical fracture for the husband Plaintiff. Plaintiffs brought four doctors, an economist, life-care planner, commercial industry expert, and reconstructionist to testify. Defendants’ experts included a vocational rehabilitation expert and accident reconstructionist. In closing, Plaintiffs asked the jury to award in excess of $10 million. Plaintiffs’ last settlement demand was $7.5 million. Defendants’ last offer was $5.5 million. The Jury returned a verdict in favor of Plaintiffs for $4.5 million with no award for punitive damages.

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