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Positive Resolution in Workers’ Compensation and General Liability Case

March 23, 2009

Chris Whitlock represented a client in a claim filed by an employee in Spalding County, Georgia, who was shocked by an electric cattle prod. Evidently, she was “zapped” by a co-worker in what we later became aware was some sort of initiation ritual amongst the employees. Not only was a workers’ compensation claim filed, but a liability suit against the Defendant and the “prodder” was filed in Spalding County Superior Court. Chris defended both claims because of our experience and ability to reach outside of the workers’ compensation arena to provide an effective defense in the liability claim as well. There was no dispute that the Claimant was shocked by the cattle prod. The evidence was conflicting, however, regarding whether the Claimant participated in or even knew about this “initiation.” Further, a dispute arose regarding any actual “injury” and the extent of same. We were able to bring both claims to an amicable resolution with a settlement that contemplated a no-liability stipulation on the workers’ compensation claim and dismissal of all parties with prejudice of the liability suit.

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